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    As a world famous integrated corporation, in order tocoordinate the demands of development in automobile, household appliances, kitchen wares, mechanical andelectrical industry, except for setting up metal products processing center inJapan, Sumitomo Shoji also set up metal products processing centers in USA andSouth Eastern Asia. Especially in China, many processing centers wereestablished, only in southern China area, there are 2 processing centers whichfull of global metal processing and sales experience.

        Depending on the substantial integrated strength, based on old SummitalMetals, Simisho Steel Corporation(Hong Kong) Ltd. established Dongguan Summit Metal Products Co., Ltd (DGS).  With existed rich experience and earnestbusiness philosophy, by taking advantage of geographical conditions of _天博国际线上娱乐城Perl River Delta, DGS provides metal materials andservices with high quality for world-class brand corporation established in thesouth of China.

         Wemanufacture and sell all kinds of metal products, precise shearing and pressingprocessing business of metal products; handle wholesale and import-exportbusiness( business referring to the quota licensemanagement, special national management will be handled by regulations) without opening any shops. And our annual output is300,000 MT/ year.  The export ratio isdetermined by the board ofdirectors (will be adjusted by business conditions, market changes)

We try to be a global corporation group who isleading the change of time, creating value, contributing to the society widely.       (Business philosophy)●Realize prosperous ideality through perfect operating…
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